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Our Leadership Programmes


We offer two distinctly different and complimenting leadership programmes. They are designed to give new and existing leaders a portfolio of skills and resources that they can utilise to capitalise on their leadership position.

Engaged Leadership Programme...

Cultural Leadership Programme...


Traditional assumptions of leaders....

  • Possess the same qualities and strengths

  • Conquer their weaknesses to get ahead

  • Have all the answers and have been fully developed earlier in their career

  • Achieve great feats on their own

  • Use their own drivers to achieve organisational results

However GREAT leaders actually....

  • Possess very different qualities and strengths

  • Focus on their strengths to achieve leadership excellence

  • Know how to ask powerful questions

  • See powerful conversations and communication as a priority

  • Achieve leadership edge through strong teams

  • Bring authenticity and compassion to the role

  • Encourage and appreciate diversity in thinking and executing


To ensure that each leader can bring their best selves to work every day, we focus our programmes on 5 core foundation principles

|Leadership Edge | Leadership Habits | Leadership Outcomes | Confidence | Values |



Leadership Edge

We start with Leadership edge as this is a set of strengths that are unique to you, we then go beyond the discovery of your strengths

  1. Aspirations - What you aspire to achieve through your leadership and Contribution, Your legacy

  2. Values - Your guiding principles and beliefs that are important to you, motivate you and anchor your career and life

  3. Strengths - Underlying qualities that energise you and generate confidence for you

  4. Abilities – Natural or acquired skills and talents where you have an opportunity to shine



Leadership Habits

Leadership habits represent the behaviours of the most effective leaders which come through focus, discipline and positive stretch.

  1. Sharing Vision - Setting a clear, shared vision of success for the team and organisation

  2. Sparking engagement -  Empowering, inspiring and developing people

  3. Skilfully executing - Setting stretching performance expectations, reviewing progress and holding people to account to ensure delivery of planned outcomes

  4. Sustaining progress - Recognising achievement and encouraging continuous improvement and experimentation



Leadership Outcomes

We then look at Leadership Outcomes which is where leaders have a lasting impact on their teams and organisation by delivering – Purpose, Passion, Process and Performance.

  1. Purpose - A clearly understood vision and goals that contribute to the organisation's strategy

  2. Passion - A positive, highly motivating work environment where people feel valued, developed and able to do their best work

  3. Process - straightforward, well communicated processes that create value for the organisation

  4. Performance - Strong, consistent results against planned goals




Confidence is a complex aspect of human behaviour and we get clear on which of the 5 core elements needs focus to ensure we have a strong source of motivation

  1. Self Esteem -how you think of yourself

  2. Self-belief – looks at your abilities and how much you believe in yourself

  3. Self-Worth – whether you believe you deserve or are worthy of good things happening to you

  4. Happiness – This relates to overall feelings of positivity

  5. Motivation -This relates to the action or energy you are repapered to put into what you are doing




The last foundation principle is Values and it is this which enables the individual to consistently apply the newfound insights and experience long after the coaching relationship has finished

  1. Knowing which Values are important to you

  2. Aligning your Values with your behaviour

  3. Create Goals as a result of your values

  4. Being consistent with your values

  5. Awareness of other Values


Outcomes & Benefits

Our leadership coaching programmes are designed to form considered, rounded leaders who are self-aware and can build on the development of their leadership edge through knowledge and application of their purpose, values, strengths, abilities, confidence and communication

We help individuals to become industry leading leaders by being even more effective, authentic and learning how to excel at sharing vision, sparking engagement, skilfully executing and sustaining progress.

  • Setting clear, shared vision for success of the organisation

  • Establishing clear, prioritised strategic goals based on good understanding of critical environmental factors

  • Help team members and stakeholders understand long term priorities and how they can contribute

  • Encouraging people to take responsibility for their objectives by setting clear, stretching and achievable performance expectations

  • Promote an open and respectful work environment where people can freely share their views and ideas

  • Inspire people by providing them with challenging opportunities which stretch and motivate them.

  • Creating a culture of regular and open feedback to promote learning and improvement

  • Taking decisive action with performance shortfalls and unproductive behaviour

  • Reviewing progress with employees to ensure they stay on track and momentum is maintained.

  • Invite regular input from employees and stakeholders and incorporate this into decisions and plans

  • Confidence tot challenge people to think and act in better and innovative ways

  • Creating a safe environment which encourages considered risk taking and a commitment to learning

  • Recognising outstanding effort and celebrating achievement – even small wins, in a fair and appropriate way

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