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When a person is working within their strengths, to a plan they are motivated to follow, they experience professional and personal growth which provides immense satisfaction and emotional pleasure.

They feel more confident that they are being true to themselves and this has huge impacts on the individual which translates across all areas of their life and the people around them.

Below are many of the impacts I have observed, had feedback from clients on and have been scientifically proven to come out of a strengths focused, performance-based coaching process.

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For Individuals and the Team

Individual at Work

  • Greater self-awareness

  • More effective problem-solving

  • Improved relationships at work

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Greater career success

  • Higher levels of job satisfaction.

  • Increased empathy and support

  • Smoother transition to management/leader role

Individual Personal Life

  • Higher levels of well-being

  • Lower stress levels

  • Higher levels of motivation and energy

  • Better communication skills

  • More understanding and acceptance

  • More focus on life goals

  • More attention on key roles within your life

The Team

  • ​Improves team performance, productivity and results

  • Better understanding of strengths of individuals

  • Knowledge and management of the team’s performance risks

  • Key tasks given to the correct people

  • Enables complementary working

  • Empowered to contribute

  • Promotes cross team collaboration

  • Appreciation of diversity

  • Focused development and training needs builds clarity around team purpose, priorities and roles

  • Encourages more open, authentic communication

  • A positive and energised team environment

  • Improves confidence, resilience and resourcefulness


  • Understand how to bring your authentic style

  • Learn about strengths, habits & risks

  • Optimise your unique strengths and workplace energisers

  • Unlock energy and ideas in others

  • Address diversity and inclusion

  • Learn about team’s performance risks

  • Key tasks given to the correct people

  • Everyone feeling empowered to speak up and contribute

  • Leadership effectiveness – through four leadership habits

  • Create motivation through values

  • Deliver excellent results and value to customers and stakeholders

  • Coach employees to find strengths

  • Regulate energy within the workplace

  • Setting pace & prioritizing opportunities to reflect, plan & review work

  • More effective understanding of strengths of individuals


For the Business

Strengths based approaches to development make organisations better and strengths make people better. It reassures people that they can be themselves at work AND get the job done in a more energising, motivating and authentic way.

Strengths based organisations are the future and they are already delivering results like these:  

  • increase in profit

  • increase in productivity

  • improvement in engagement

  • increase in sales

  • reduction in absenteeism

Recent research findings (Rigoni and Asplund 2016) based on data from 1.2 million employees in 22 organisations and 45 countries, showed that 90% of organisations using a strengths approach reported:

  • 10% to 19% increased sales

  • 14% to 29% increased profit

  • 3% to 7% higher customer engagement

  • 6% to 16% lower turnover (low-turnover organisations)

  • 26% to 72% lower turnover (high-turnover organisations)

  • 9% to 15% increase in engaged employees

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