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Life Transitioning....


Most clients are entering or are already in a very important life changing phase.

This is critical to understand when providing feedback and creating a plan for my clients. ALL have questions, challenges in personal health and wealth, emotional needs, life goals, relationships and possibly perimenopause that if not discussed, listened to, and taken into consideration, can mean that the human being is forgotten and the feedback becomes clinical and less constructive.



I have experienced this firsthand having successfully led high performing teams in the pharmaceutical industry only to go through a complex menopause in my late 30’s which impacted both my professional and personal life. This led me to explore this career path, for which I will forever be grateful and I know the transition would have been a lot easier if I had worked with someone like me during that time.

During this time of life, we become more aware of our limitations and perceived gaps in our personal and professional lives. Time can often appear like a limited resource, so we don't have enough of it to achieve everything we want or need to do to improve our performance.

This can put in place a pattern of ‘this is how it is ‘and results in there being little motivation to seek out new ways of thinking and being. We SETTLE for less because we don’t know how to get more of what we need without it impacting our time or energy – both of which, may already seem depleted.


Neuroscience shows us that the human brain defaults to habit and known patterns of behaviours during this time UNLESS there is a change of mindset.

For many individuals, the opportunities to change mindsets are limited by their personal state and environments at this time. This can be due to any or a combination of the following:

  • Poor perception of self – low self-esteem, low confidence

  • Fear of failing

  • High stress levels – leading to burnout

  • Complex midlife priorities affecting motivation levels – ageing parents, children leaving home, fertility programmes, financial concerns.

  • Health related issues – new and ongoing

  • Transitioning through perimenopause and menopause between 35-55

  • Relationships issues – Changing family priorities, separation, divorce.




All these transitions can be navigated in a steady and sustainable way by having a safe space to discuss all aspects of an individual's life, including those which contribute to their wellbeing and performance. Often, the linchpin for improved performance lies in one or more of these areas


By encouraging the individual to bring their whole self to work it reduces the need to be a different person at work versus home and this is what positively shifts mindsets and motivation.

Doing this with a qualified Strengthscope coach and wellbeing consultant means there is a person-centred focus which impacts them personally and professionally and creates transformational results. Ask me for some case studies - I’m happy to share the journeys from the start to the finish of what we achieved.

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