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Becky Warnes,
Digital Health Consultant

My advice to anyone who is considering working with Amantha is to go for it!

Yousaf Ahmad, Chief Pharmacist

I have significantly improved my ability as a authentic and transformative leader

Brought out the best in people in times of change

Amantha's perpetual positive mindset and sense of humour inspires me to challenge myself every time we work together. I really cannot recommend Amantha highly enough

Mark Westcott,
Retail Banker

Strengthscope has given me an insight into how to play to my strengths and work around those skills which drain my energy

Amantha’s whole-person approach creates positive transformations and outcomes that benefit employees and organisations alike

The impact on our team, as a direct result of her insight and guidance, transformed working relationships

Her energy and drive to ensure what was required to be delivered was infectious

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