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Why It Works......

Step 1: ...the NLP Confidence profiler?

People tend to get their ‘assumed’ confidence from their emotional responses to historical experiences and NOT from their strengths and natural abilities. You may have a behaviour pattern around these types of events which can be limiting or stress inducing.

A negative response to a situation = The brain will tell you not to do it again


Add in natural strengths and a skillset becomes available to ‘reframe’ negative experiences.  

The result, you remain on the path of possibility and NOT the path of limitation. This opens up a new range of performance opportunities in how you choose to behave or respond.

Throught coaching we engage with the 5 Pillars of confidence:

|Self-belief | Self-esteem | Self-worth | Motivation | Happiness |


Step 2: ...the Strengthscope® system?

  • Already powers employee development programs for many leading worldwide brands

  • Offers the most comprehensive method of strengths assessment and strengths profiling on the market today

  • The only strengths-based assessment tool to achieve Registered Test Status by the British Psychological Society

  • Powered by 10 years of research and has been endorsed by City University in London

  • The only strengths-based assessment system with multi-rater profilers enabling co-workers and stakeholders to provide feedback in minutes

  • Gives each employee a picture of themselves at their best and providing a framework for understanding how to bring their best to work every day.

  • Brings clarity and a common language for all employees, enabling each individual to communicate their value and to be open about areas for development.

  • It helps individuals identify and appreciate their own uniqueness and are curious about the diversity of strengths in other people. It helps them understand who they are when they are at their best, appreciating the qualities and strengths that make them different.

  • Users of the Strengthscope® system report its impact as being so profound in terms of their self-confidence, well-being and engagement with work, that the term ‘life-changing’ is provided regularly to us as feedback from feedback sessions and workshops.


This is why it is used by:

R (1).png
Amantha King tele coaching

Step 3: ...the Performance Coach?

So, what do I bring as a coach? As we know data is not insight and it definitely isn’t a plan, this is why a coaching & feedback experience is vital to get the most from your data.

Once both reports have been compiled:

I explain the report findings and clearly show where the risks lie:





Followed by a focused conversation of how the new insight can be implemented by the individual into a coaching plan covering:

Personal life



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