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Individual 360 Performance Coaching


Strengthscope 360® & Confidence Profiler

Individual Strengthscope 360™ is for anyone seeking feedback from colleagues and other performance stakeholders on their strengths and risks to enable them to improve performance at work.  It’s a great way to begin any development programme, where knowing yourself is the first step of the journey.


By developing greater self-awareness as a result of this programme, coaching conversations in the workplace become more authentic and incorporate both nondirective and directive coaching principles

Suitable for....

Key individual contributors, Team Leaders, Deputy’s and newly appointed Managers who want to work on a goal in their Personal Development Plan. This might for example include:

  • Working on resilience

  • Ability to delegate or impact in meetings.

  • Team impact and engagement

  • Onboarding into organisation,

  • Suitability for promotion

It is also suitable for teams

Unsuitable for....

Senior leaders, Senior Managers or associates whose schedules mean that they cannot commit to regular coaching sessions (see process below). Their needs might be better met by ‘Executive Coaching’ or ‘Leadership Coaching’ packages.

Outcomes & Benefits

Perfect for developing coaching skills where building confidence, understanding impact and learning more about strengths in action is a focus:

  • First-line manager programmes

  • High potential programmes

  • Appraisal/check-in conversations

  • Team development (alongside StrengthscopeTeam™ profile)

  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives


Performance Sessions

Before the sessions outlined below the client will have a 45-minute pre-contract call with the client’s coach to ensure that the client’s goals for coaching are clear and that the client is comfortable with the process. The client will then follow the process outlined below.

The individual performance package consists of 7hrs work over Zoom split into 3 remote coaching sessions with coach and client



2 hr Initial Scoping Session


  • Agree the coaching contract and understand all significant areas for the individual

    • identify personal and professional environments and impact on performance, aspirations and goals

    • Wellbeing areas identified

  • Coaching summary 1 – outlining the goals and aspirations for the coaching sessions from the first 2-hour scoping meeting

  • Confidence tracker: sent online and returned



2 hr Coaching Session


  • 10-page report identifying personal confidence traits and action points to create a balanced confidence profile.

  • Identify performance strengths from profile and recommendations to:

    • create balance across the range of behaviours

    • Improve motivation and confidence

  • 2-hour feedback plus coaching summary 2



4 hr Coaching Session


  • Strengthscope 360 ™ sent via email to client AND up to 15 designated co-workers and Stakeholders.​

    • A powerful report, as it gives you valuable insight as to how others see you (from up to 15 raters)

    • How effective you are using your strengths in the workplace

    • How effective you are managing your performance risks

    • How you can strengthen your performance


  • 4 -hour feedback session to include:

    • Significant 7 strengths, performance enhancers and performance risks plus energy drainers

    • Effective use of 7 strengths review – using the rater feedback we establish how effective others believe you are in using your significant Strengths to deliver results plus​​

  • Coaching summary 3 - Overview of session findings, action points identified



2 hr Coaching Session


  • Goal Setting & Action Planning - formulate an action plan that uses strengths and confidence in the next 3-6 months for specific projects, objectives and goals


  • Identify self-development options and next steps to manage energy drainers, confidence and motivation for self and team


  • Coaching summary 4 - Overview of session findings, action points identified

For the cost of the coaching contract please contact me

* At this stage individuals may choose to continue working with Amantha King within a ‘Executive Coaching’ package ‘Leadership Coaching’ package or bespoke coaching arrangement

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