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Amantha King Performance Business Coach

"Having coached individual clients at all levels and teams for over 20 years, yes you need to understand where the performance risks lie, but to become fully effective and empowered, a person should build off their strengths, generate confidence and achieve their performance potential".

Amantha King

I work with and enable clients to identify the opportunities, gaps and performance risks within their current position and unlock performance potential and career progression strategies for the future.

Strengths + Confidence + Insight

Using a unique combination of two pieces of software (my proprietary NLP Confidence profiler + Globally renowned Strengthscope® system) plus explanatory and exploratory feedback sessions. 
Within the coaching programs you will understand where your strengths, performance risks and confidence lie and how you can implement a business and life plan, fully focusing on your strengths and working within your most confident areas. All scientifically proven, all powerfully insightful.

Performance buisness coach in action

“Research by the Corporate Leadership Council shows that employee performance can increase by as much as 36% when performance conversations focus on strengths.........

What Performance Coaching Delivers

  • Scientifically proven results that provide a clear picture of strengths, motivations and performance risks in terms of what energises and maximises performance.

  • Provides a precise and unique assessment of 24 energising strengths and 20 confidence-based strategies, giving a clear picture of the individual at their best and providing a framework for understanding how to bring their best to work/life every day.

  • Working in areas of natural strength reduces stress and creates higher levels of motivation and less chance of burn out.

  • Enables each individual to communicate their value and to be open about areas for development and progression.

  • Provides clarity so that a focused plan of development can be agreed and related back to key stakeholders and peers.​

"Kind, intelligent, infectiously encouraging and professional."



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